Safety & Compliance

Our Policies

The Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme annually audit DCS Rail to ensure that our processes, procedures and policies are robust enough to supply workers to the rail industry. A key component of the audit relates to the Safety of our contractors, tracking and management of working hours, fatigue and stress prevention and continuous improvement.

Please find listed below a suite of our DCS Rail Policies.If you are a company within the rail and infrastructure sector looking for the most talented candidates and would like to discuss or have visibility of our policies then please do not hesitate to contact us today!

  • Healthy & Safety Policy
  • Environment Policy
  • Environmental Objectives
  • Quality Policy
  • Drugs & Alcohol Policy
  • Work Safe Policy
  • Refusal to Work on the Grounds of Safety Policy
  • Training & Assessment Policy
  • Corporate Responsibility Policy
  • Sustainability Policy
  • Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  • Fraud & Malpractice Policy
  • Mental Health Policy
  • Emergency & Business Continuity Policy
  • Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  • DBS Requirements Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Hours of Work Policy
  • Fitness for Work Policy
  • Social & Ethical Policy
  • Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy